Automobile Shipment Tracking

If you are shipping a vehicle from Guam, please contact 562-436-8257 for availability information.

If you are shipping an oversize vehicle or oversize freight (conventional freight) between the Tacoma and Alaska ports, please send us a e-mail at or call 1-877-678-7447 for tracking information.

If a private party (yourself, for example) or company is paying for shipment of the vehicle you wish to track, please enter the first seven digits of your Booking number in the box below. The illustration below highlights where you can find the shipment number on the Privately Owned Vehicle receipt.
povexpl2.gif (6561 bytes)
Enter booking number:      
If the booking number is not available, please enter the VIN for your automobile in the box below:
Enter VIN:      
For further information, send us an e-mail at
For further information when shipping to Tacoma or Alaska, send us an e-mail at
See Step 4 for directions to the Matson Port

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